Minimize Operating and Maintenance Costs with the PCS100 Static Frequency Converter (SFC) from ABB Power Conditioning

The PCS100 SFC is designed to allow a 60Hz powered equipment to be connected to a 50Hz supply network and a 50Hz powered equipment to be connected to a 60Hz supply network. It is also capable of converting the supply voltage to a different voltage in order to match the need of the load.

The PCS100 SFC has many advantages over alternate solutions such as N+1 modular redundancy for mission critical applications, lowest total cost of ownership, minimal maintenance and easy paralleling to other voltage sources using droop.

Benefits of the PCS100

The benefits of the PCS 100 are:

  • Operation of the vessel without generators
  • Zero pollution
  • Complete isolation from the shore to avoid galvanic corrosion
  • Universal voltage operation
  • Fuel cost savings
  • Ensures operation of equipment even during utility voltage sags and frequency variation
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Seamless transfer feature from generator resulting in uninterrupted power supply
  • High reliability provides maximum power availability

Key Features

The main features of the PCS100 SFC are given below:

  • Constructed for durability in marine environments
  • Sturdy overload capability
  • Leakage current for compatibility with earth leakage circuit breakers
  • IP23 and 45oC rating as standard extremely low
  • Provides stable regulated voltage and frequency
  • Full digital and analog I/O for integration with onboard power management units
  • Unity power factor input to get the maximum power available from the shore
  • Three phase as standard


The main applications of the PCS100 SFC are as follows:

  • 50 to 60Hz or 60 to 50Hz industrial applications
  • Replacement of motor generator sets
  • As a clean power supply to isolate an unstable grid from a critical load
  • Serial communications

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