Thin Film Measurement - SENpro Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

The spectroscopic ellipsometer SENpro represents a new generation of cost effective spectroscopic ellipsometers featuring simple operation, measurement speed and combined data analysis of ellipsometric measurements at single or multiple angle of incidence.

It measures thickness, refractive index and extinction coefficient of single films and multilayer stacks. Reflection measurements at different incident angles and transmission measurements can be carried out and combined with ellipsometric data.

A compensator is used to make automaticcorrection for depolarization effects caused by non-uniform films.

The SENpro comes with the spectroscopic ellipsometer software SpectraRay LT for system control and data analysis including modeling, fitting and presentation of data.

Main Applications

  • Measurement of thickness and refractive index of transparent films on absorbing or transparent substrates (thickness range 0.1 nm - 10,000 nm)
  • Measurement of layer stacks
  • Analysis of amorphous and polysilicon films and SOI films
  • Measurement of optical constants of photoresists
  • Analysis of organic films
  • Measurements of isotropic materials and films

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