Ultrasonic Flow Meter – Atrato from Titan

The Atrato flowmeter range was developed by Titan Enterprises after investing eight years of research and development along with the Department of Process & Engineering at Cranfield University, to compete with traditional flowmeters. The Atrato is designed to manage low flows ranging from luminar to turbulent, and can monitor flow over a range of 200:1.

The Atrato provides excellent turndown and linearity with its sturdy clean bore construction. Its USB port enables smooth software connectivity with just a click of a button. A signal processing component ensures flow measurement of both viscous and non-viscous across the entire Reynolds number range, and the signal discrimination spots discrepancies in the flow and produces reports as required.

The time of flight measuring system in the flowmeter is used for measuring both the upstream and downstream flight times. It also measures half the difference in the velocity of the fluid. The Atrato’s USB connection enables users to directly monitor the rate and total on their laptop. It also helps in modifying certain operating parameters like pulse resolution and units.

Key Features

The main features of the Atrato are listed below:

  • Excellent accuracy better than +/-1.5%
  • Powerful measuring system
  • Highly immune to viscosity
  • Allows repeatability
  • Time of flight measuring system offers accuracy of more than 200 picaseconds


The key application areas of the Atrato are listed below:

  • Semiconductor plant
  • Drink dispensing
  • Cooling equipment
  • Laboratory tests
  • OEM
  • Active flow alarms
Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeter from Titan Enterprises, designed by Trevor Forster

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