Epsilon MODEL 3800 Elongation Extensometers

Epsilon MODEL 3800 elongation extensometers are intended for testing of rubbers, plastics, and elastomers. With longer measuring ranges and unique design, they are capable of testing to failure with minimal sample interaction.

While performing the test, the Epsilon MODEL 3800 elongation extensometers’ main body remains stationary by means of the adjustable magnetic base integrated.

The very light, small traveling heads that are attached to the sample by means of small spring clips move when the sample elongates during testing. A cord is pulled out from the extensometer by each head when it moves.

The use of high precision, low friction potentiometers allows the Model 3800 elongation extensometers to have a variety of factory selectable outputs. An excitation voltage drives the extensometer, whose output varies with the input.

It is possible to provide the extensometer with high-level outputs (roughly 2-8VDC) or ones that act like strain gauged devices (2-4 mV/V).

If the Model 3800 is set to imitate strain gauged extensometers, it is possible to use the extensometer with almost all the signal conditioning electronics intended for strain gauged sensors.

The use of a hybrid wire wound around conductive plastic by the potentiometers provides outstanding long-term stability. The extensometer’s output can be readily interfaced with test controllers or may be directly input to chart recorders and data acquisition systems.

Key Features

The key features of the Model 3800 include:

  • Low cost, high accuracy elastomer strain measurement
  • May be left on through specimen failure
  • Large measuring range of up to 500mm
  • Features an adjustable magnetic base to facilitate mounting
  • The main body remains stationary and the lightweight traveling heads move
  • Includes high quality foam lined case

Epsilon MODEL 3800 Elongation Extensometers

Specimen attachment with model 3800
Model 3800 with mounting stand

Available Versions of Model 3800

The Model 3800 is available in any combination of gauge lengths and measuring ranges as listed below:

Model 3800 is available in any combination of gauge lengths and measuring ranges

Epsilon offers units with intermediate and larger gauge lengths upon special order.


The following are the options available to the Model 3800 elongation extensometers:

  • The Model 3800 can be supplied with either high level outputs (roughly 2-8VDC) or ones that imitate strain gauged devices (2-4mV/V nominal)
  • 2 mV/V output for use with electronics engineered for strain gauged sensors
  • Shunt calibration module is provided for units set to imitate strain gauged sensors

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