High-Stability Concentration Detector for GPC/SEC Chromatography - Viscotek RI Detector (VE3580)

The Viscotek RI Detector is a high-stability concentration detector that is used for molecular weight determination. In order to determine the molecular weight or structural data, the polymer or protein concentration profile needs to be precisely measured. The Viscotek RI is suitable for multi-detection GPC/SEC.

The Viscotek RI Detector comes as a stand-alone connection module linked to other chromatography parts, such as the GPCmax, UV/Vis or PDA detectors, or as a component of the Viscotek 270max system.

It consists of two temperature control profiles for use in cold room/cabinet conditions or at normal laboratory temperature. The major changes in temperature can be minimized by a purging system. The output of the detector is a function of the compounds within the solution.

Key Features

The main features of the Viscotek RI Detector are:

  • High-stability
  • Precise measurement
  • Carefully designed purging system ensures rapid baseline recovery by reducing major changes in temperature
  • Two temperature control systems allow the use of detector at cold room as well as normal laboratory conditions
  • Automatically purged from the software or as part of a programmed sample sequence

Customer Testimonials

We exploit the full capabilities of the Viscotek tetra-detector GPC/SEC system to look at molecular weight (MW) distribution, structure or branchiness’, intrinsic viscosity (IV), and to detect any unwanted chemical impurities.

Jan Larsen, Principle Scientist, CP Kelco

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