Automated Flow Chemisorption and Reactivity Analyser: ChemStar TPx

The ChemStar™ is a bench-top instrument designed for catalyst and reactive surface characterization experiments. The fully automated dynamic flow adsorption analyzer features pulse chemisorption and temperature programming capabilities. The standard features include in-situ pretreatment, automated gas mixing and blending from 10 input gas lines, and multiple programmable treatment and analysis steps.

Using standard software, users can control furnace heating/cooling temperatures, gas switching and mixing, valve positions, gas flow rates, ramp rates and hold times, system alarms, detector parameters, data acquisition, and data analysis.

Sample characteristics that can be measured include crystallite size, metal dispersion, active/catalyst surface area, active site strength, activation energy, acid/base site distribution, and other parameters associated with surface reactivity evaluation.

The ChemStar™ is suitable for the most challenging characterization of reactive processes and chemically active materials, thanks to full automation that includes introduction of vapors and mixing of gases with high precision mass flow controllers.

Key Features and Benefits

The following are the key features and benefits of the ChemStar TPx

  • Turnkey solution
  • Stable baseline and quality data ensured by three standard (and one optional) high-precision electronic mass flow controllers
  • Reduced peak spreading
  • Easy loading and unloading of samples by using a clamshell furnace with flexible mounting arrangement and sample cells
  • Wide temperature range
  • Eliminates condensation and adsorbate retention by controlling the temperature of all tubing and valves downstream of the sample up to the detector
  • Provides precise measurements using a highly linear thermal conductivity detector coupled to interchangeable loops, automated loop and manual pulse injection options
  • Wide dynamic range through software controlled detector resolution
  • Maximum chemical compatibility and sensitivity
  • No need for pre-mixed gases, thanks to the integrated gas blender with in-line static gas mixer
  • Built-in vapor saturator with controlled temperature for precise feed of condensable adsorptive
  • All functions of the analysis are fully automated and controlled by a PC, allowing unattended operation
  • Flexible user interface
  • Short analysis times and high throughput
  • Ensure optimal safety with ventilated cabinet, interlocking doors, support for gas sensors, and front-mounted emergency kill switch
  • Direct link to optional mass spectrometer and additional gas detectors

Measurement Capabilities

The ChemStar™ performs catalyst and reactive surface characterization experiments using a number of isothermal and temperature programming techniques:

  • Temperature programmed desorption (TPD)
  • Temperature programmed reduction (TPR)
  • Temperature programmed oxidation (TPO)
  • Pulse titration: quantitative analysis
  • BET surface area determination through physisorption

The ChemStar™ is also able to perform high pressure experiments to study reactivity and kinetics.

Typical Applications

Characterization of heterogeneous catalysts is one of the typical applications of the ChemStar. Quantachrome Instruments provides novel methods and high-tech models to help the development of zeolites with tailored surface chemistry and pore structure by enabling more accurate characterization of nanoporous materials with hierarchical (micro-mesomacro) pore structures.

Beyond pore structure considerations, acquiring information about the surface acidity and activity of these materials, as facilitated by the ChemStar™, is an important step to optimize their performance.

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