Rapid, Reproducible Grinding of Virtually Any Material with the MillPrep™ Micro Ball Mill

The MillPrep™ micro ball mill enables rapid, reproducible grinding of almost all materials, thereby facilitating their sample preparation.

It can quickly reduce any kind of material, including coarse powders, packaging materials, plant materials, pellets, and granules, into a fine powder, which is then pressed into wafers or subjected to direct analytical analysis or characterization studies. It can pulverize even difficult materials such as biomass, soft wood, and paper within seconds.

The MillPrep™ comes with a wide option of grinding jars of different materials and sizes, thus satisfying virtually all the grinding and mixing needs of laboratories. The same equipment can be used for pulverizing different materials into fine powder within seconds, thanks to the availability of wide range of user selectable oscillation frequencies from 3 to 30Hz.

Besides grinding hard and brittle materials, the MillPrep™ is also capable of pulverizing medium soft, soft, and elastic materials with the combination of the impact of the grinding balls and high-energy vibration.

Soft, elastic materials can be efficiently pulverized by freezing them using a cryogen bath before grinding. The MillPrep™ becomes a high-energy mixer when the grinding jars and balls are interchanged for different vial holders to homogenize suspensions or disrupt cells for biological applications.

Key Features and Benefits

The following are the key features and benefits of the MillPrep™:

  • High throughput - The dual jar design optimizes throughput and minimizes vibration at the same time through counter-oscillation.
  • Reproducibility – Provides reproducible results by accurately controlling grinding time and frequency.
  • User-friendly – Sample jars can be rapidly loaded and unloaded with the help of self-centering clamping system, which also ensures proper balance of the vibrating arms.
  • Optimal Safety – Vibrating components are enclosed in an interlocked lid, which prevents oscillation of the sample holders while opening and halts them rapidly when opened during operation. Jars can be viewed during operation owing to a transparent, impact-resistant panel on the lid.
  • Space Saving – Small footprint saves valuable lab space.
  • Large Range of Sample Sizes – Sample sizes range from 0.2-160ml using appropriate sample jars and balls.
  • Accessories – A wide selection of accessories is available to the meet the requirement for cell disruption, grinding, or turbulent mixing.

Typical Applications

Typical applications of the MillPrep™ include:

  • Easy grinding of wood, paper, and other biomass materials to a fine powder for further analysis
  • Pulverizing granules, minerals, large crystals, and soil samples to a fine powder for pressing into wafers for infrared, X-ray, or other spectroscopic techniques
  • Allows freezing of elastic materials using liquid nitrogen to efficiently grind them into fine powder for subsequent analyses
  • Homogeneous mixtures can be formed by allowing rapid mixing of solid suspensions, immiscible liquids, and low soluble solids
  • Allows grinding of composite materials like linoleum into a fine powder for subsequent analyses
  • Soft organic matter can be thoroughly homogenized, either wet or dry, for further analyses

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