NOVAtouch™ Gas Sorption Analyzer Series

The NOVAtouch™ series gas sorption analyzers offer excellent performance and increased throughput for BET surface area and pore size analyses. Quantachrome offer eight models as standard and advanced LX versions comprising 1-to-4 analysis stations, four built-in sample preparation ports and a dedicated Po station.

The NOVAtouch™ series is capable of generating BET surface area results using the traditional helium void volume technique, or using the patented helium-free technique.

Each NOVAtouch™ device acts as a pore size analyzer with the capacity to measure both adsorption and desorption isotherms with BET surface area results ready in a few minutes.

The pharmaceutical option includes TouchWin™ software that provides elements required by the Pharmaceutical Industry for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Key Features

The key features of NOVAtouch™ Gas Sorption Analyzer Series are:

  • To enable a considerable increase in productivity, simultaneous analysis of up to four samples with NOVAtouch 4/LX4 is possible.
  • While analysis is in progress, for maximum throughput, upto 4 samples can be degassed
  • Automatic analysis possible including real time display of BET computations and isotherm data
  • Instrument operations can be performed remotely or locally.
  • Full equilibration technology with choice of equilibration time, pressure tolerance and relative pressure points
  • Wide range of sample cells for accommodating any sample
  • Compact benchtop design with inbuilt degas capabilities
  • Protective rotating doors for additional compactness, safety and insulation
  • Built-in microprocessor-guided calibration for optimum performance
  • Manual mode diagnostics for performance verification and maintenance
  • TouchWin™ Windows® Based Software for Operation from PC


The key applications of NOVAtouch™ Gas Sorption Analyzer Series are:

  • Carbon for rubber, adsorbents (water purification and gas separation), inks, gas masks, laser printers and copiers.
  • Catalysts for the fertilizer, automotive, fertilizer, petrochemical and fuel cell industries.
  • Minerals such as clays, alumina, hydroxyapatite, phosphates, pigments, silicas, zirconia, etc used for abrasives, adsorbents, biomaterials, ceramics, cements, desiccants, fillers, papers and paints.
  • Organic materials for chromatography, adhesives, cosmetics, detergents, foodstuffs, explosives, ion exchange resins, pharmaceuticals and plastics.
  • Powdered metals and ferrites for batteries, pressure formed/ sintered products, electronics, magnetic tape and magnets.
  • Other applications related to bone, composite materials, fibers, rigid foams, soil, sludge, slurries, suspensions, well cores, and many more.

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