Online Measurement of Zeta Potential Using Zetasizer WT

The Zetasizer WT from Malvern Panalytical is a fully automated on-line zeta potential measurement system providing lab quality results. It offers real-time monitoring of efficient charge neutralization and flocculation process performance.

The Zetasizer WT is a combination of Malvern Panalytical’s proven Electrophoretic Light Scattering technology and in-process measurements, resulting in a versatile on-line zeta potential analyzer for water treatment plants.

The system provides precise and reliable results in [mV], providing a clear range for dosing control. It is sensitive to the changes in raw water, beofre they cause filtration problems. It ensures optimal use of chemicals for forming a stable floc, thus avoiding overdose.

Key Features

The main benefits of the Zetasizer WT are:

  • Sample flow and temperature sensing
  • HMI for local control and setup
  • Easy measurement of grab samples on the same system
  • Completely automated zeta potential analysis
  • Accurate and rapid results
  • Minimal maintenance
  • On board computer for autonomous operation
  • Transmission of results to SCADA via OPC, Modbus or 4-20mA

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Customer Testimonial

Aurora Water has systematically targeted the very highest levels of performance over a number of years, and we’re proud to have attained the Phase IV Excellence In Water Treatment, rating [the highest available] from the Partnership for Safe Water. There is always room for further improvement, and the on-line zeta potential measurement is helping us to achieve a more cost-efficient water facility, and be more proactive in our treatment. This technology is still in its infancy for the water industry but it certainly shows promise.

Kirk Watson, Treatment Plant Supervisor, Aurora Water

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