High Quality 16 Megapixel Stills and Videos for TEM Applications with the OneView Camera

Gatan’s OneView camera allows the use of a single camera to capture high quality 16 megapixel still video and images for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) applications.

Key Features

The main features of the OneView camera are as follows:

  • Optimal image quality is guaranteed with real-time drift correction and outlier removal using in-line data processing
  • Extends 4k x 4k camera control for imaging and in-situ data capture
  • Extends the dynamic range beyond 16-bits
  • No beam stop is required
  • Detects single electrons with high signal-to-noise ratio using highly sensitive scintillator and fiber optics
  • Increases productivity, even for beginners with intuitive, integrated workflows to support and optimize recording modes
  • Provides a live experience with 25 fps at full 4k x 4k resolution, without affecting the resolution between viewing and recording images

In-situ options include:

  • Video buffer enables users to capture only the desired video, with post-event triggering and look-back
  • Start of an in-situ reaction will never be missed
  • Flexibly trade-off resolution against frame rate—from 4096 x 4096 pixels at 25 fps to 1024 x 1024 pixels at 200 fps, always at 100% duty cycle
  • Videos can be customized to suit specific applications with powerful post-processing tools


The OneView camera is used in the following research areas:

  • Material science: Chemical analysis, compositional analysis, metals and alloys
  • Life Science: Cell biology, structural biology, drug discovery, neuroscience
  • Natural resources: Oil, gas and geosciences, energy, utilities and environment
  • Electronics: LED, battery, solar and energy, semiconductors and data storage

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