FAST Flame Sample Automation Platform from PerkinElmer

The FAST Flame sample automation platform is designed to provide the lowest cost-per-element flame atomic absorption (AA) analysis available in the market. The accessories provided will enable the user to perform daily workflows with accuracy, speed and consistency. This platform helps eliminate the inconsistency of manual sample preparation, produce better results, and make more informed decisions.

The FAST Flame sample automation platform is seamlessly integrated with Syngistix™ for AA software, thereby offering the user full control over the entire system through a single user interface which simplifies the entire process from method development to final result generation.

PerkinElmer offers three types of FAST Flame sample automation solutions, namely -

  • AAPrep2
  • FAST Flame 1
  • FAST Flame 2

Key Features

The main features of the FAST flame sample automation platform are:

  • Ability to handle viscous samples
  • Inline matrix modification (not in AAPrep2)
  • High throughput (not in AAPrep2)
  • Automated dilution of over-range samples (not in FAST Flame 1)
  • Low memory effects (not in AAPrep2)
  • Integrated software operation
  • Automated calibration standards preparation (not in FAST Flame 1)
  • Compatible with PerkinElmer’s PinAAcle™ 500, PinAAcle 900, and AAnalyst™ 200/400 flame AA instruments.


The FAST Flame sample automation platform is ideal for laboratories running single-element or sequential multi-element analyses by flame atomic absorption (AA). Example applications include:

  • Copper, iron, and manganese in wine
  • Copper in ore
  • Major elements in drinking water
  • Micronutrients in foods and beverages

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