Deep Cooled Smart Spectrometer – Exemplar Pro

The Exemplar® Pro is a high performance smart spectrometer that is equipped with a low stray light unfolded Czerny-Turner spectrograph. The spectrometer comprises a highly sensitive TE cooled back-thinned (BT) CCD detector that is linearly summed for high dynamic range. Its long focal length in combination with a high quantum efficiency detector provides higher data quality over the entire 190-1100nm spectral range.

The Exemplar® Pro offers a high signal-to-noise ratio, thereby making it suitable for low light level applications. It has a built-in shutter that allows for dark scan measurements, even while illuminated.

Furthermore, the spectrometer features on board data processing and USB 3.0 communication. It is also optimized for multi-channel operation consisting of ultra-low trigger delay and gate jitter.

The Exemplar® Pro is offered in standard configurations, such as wavelength range of 750-1100nm, a ruled grating, a LVF filter, 25µm slit, and a spectral resolution of 0.6nm.

Key Features

The main features of the Exemplar® Pro are:

  • On-board processing that includes smoothing, dark compensation and averaging
  • Obtains and transfers more than 140 spectra per second at an integration time of 6.3ms
  • Supports up to 32 devices with ultra-low trigger delay (95ns) & gate jitter (+/- 20ns)
  • Signal to noise ratio:
    • On-board Averaging 1: ~540
    • On-board Averaging 10: ~1900
    • On-board Averaging 100: ~4800
  • High UV, Vis, and NIR response
  • Built-in shutter
  • Ultralow noise
  • 2048 detector elements
  • Over 60% QE at 200nm (Over 90% peak QE)
  • Software-configurable cooling temperature (-25° default)


The main applications of the Exemplar® Pro are:

  • LED characterization
  • Gas and water analysis
  • Low light level UV to NIR spectroscopy
  • Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy
  • On-line process monitoring
  • LCD Display measurement
  • Bio-medical spectroscopy

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