QGA: Compact Bench-Top System for Real Time Gas and Vapor Analysis

The Hiden QGA quantitative gas analysis system is designed to handle continuous analysis of gases and vapours at pressures near atmosphere in standard form. Inlet accessories are provided so that the system can handle sampling from low to high pressures (up to 30bar). The standard Hiden quartz inert capillary (QIC) sampling interface samples from 100mbar to 2 bar. The QIC operates up to 200°C.

The QIC flexible 2m heated capillary inlet provides rapid response times of less than 300ms for most of the common gases and vapours such as water and organic vapours. Optimum sample integrity is maintained with sample exposure limited to only platinum and quartz wetted surfaces.

The QGA system can be connected to an external dry scroll pump which is included to provide high performance combined sample bypass and UHV foreline pumping. The system has mass range 200AMU (300AMU option) and with a detection capability from 100% to less than 100 part-per-billion. The system is equipped with QGA Professional and MASsoft 7 software.

Benchtop Multistream Gas Analysis - QGA from Hiden Analytical

Key Features

The main features of the QGA quantitative gas analysis system are listed below:

  • Simplified set up and operation from template files
  • Quantitative data output and data export for up to 16 species
  • Automatic subtraction of spectral overlaps
  • Automatic calibration with background correction
  • Real-time graphical and tabular data displays
  • OPC data available as raw data or percentage per ppm quantitative output
  • Gas/vapour mass spectral library with intelligent scan feature
  • Precise fragmentation pattern recording


The main applications of the QGA quantitative gas analysis system are listed below:

  • Fuel cells
  • Fermentation
  • High purity gas analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Gas production and storage

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