ADI 7010 TOC On-Line Analyzer from Metrohm

The ADI 7010 TOC on-line analyzer available from Metrohm employs the UV persulfate oxidation technique using carbon dioxide detection by non-dispersive infrared analysis.

The analyzer eliminates the need for complex maintenance, thanks to the uniquely designed liquids compartment that utilizes larger diameter tubing instead of valves, thus preventing any risk of clogging.

Total organic carbon (TOC) is a commonly measured parameter in various fields and industries, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, power and energy, oil and gas, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and petrochemical industries or in environmental monitoring and airports. This parameter is not only utilized for tracking waste discharges, drinking and surface water and run-off, but also used for controlling certain internal processes.

Once running, operators can select three automatic functions, such as calibration, validation, or clean, which can be activated any time of the day. It is also possible to program automatic ZEROGAS checks. Users can choose from a list of status messages like the preferred sample line or the remote diagnostic data on the analyzer. An additional alarm will signal a serious error.

In addition to single-channel analyzers, dual-channel and dual-range options are also provided. In applications requiring rapid response, the ADI 7010 TOC can be configured for total carbon (TC) measurements.

Samples containing higher chloride levels can be controlled by introducing an additional reagent. Accessories such as filter assemblies and external dilutors are also available to meet different application requirements.

Key Features

The main features of the ADI 7010 TOC on-line analyzer are as follows:

  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Three-step calibration process
  • Safe and reliable online TOC/TC measurements
  • Allows wide concentrations, ranging from 0–5 to 0–500mg/L C, but can be extended up to 0–20000mg/L using an external dilutor
  • Dual compartment design ensures that electronics and liquids are kept separated
  • Internal compressors eliminate the need for external gas services
  • Analog and digital outputs are provided for complete integration into site operations
  • Intuitive color touch screen is provided to track key process values and allow easy setup
  • Flexible system to meet specific requirements
  • Smart design ensures minimum maintenance

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