NETZSCH’s Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 254 (ARC® 254) offers adiabatic calorimetry information in a safe, controlled laboratory setting. This data provides a better understanding of the basic physical processes involved. From this understanding, several safe operating systems and methods can be developed to reduce the hazards caused by a reactive system.

The calorimeter concurrently measures pressure and temperature. The sealed pressure system also enables users to assess the effect of different gas atmospheres on the system’s thermal stability. Users may also analyze gaseous reaction products at the end of an experiment to better identify and understand the reaction mechanisms involved.

Model 254 is designed to provide improved safety. Users are protected by a range of safety systems that are completely independent of the control system. These safety systems operate to protect the user in case the primary control system fails. The calorimeter is a fully computer-controlled and highly automated, and includes an interactive and user-friendly graphical interface.

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Key Features

The main features of the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 254 (ARC® 254) are:

  • Provides adiabatic calorimetry data in a safe, controlled lab environment
  • More reliable data and a wider range of due to the fastest tracking rate up to 200 K/min
  • Patented VariPh technology can realize low phi test even with a small and safe sample size
  • Fully computer-controlled and highly automated
  • Controlled by Proteu software, which users can employ to operate other NETZSCH thermal analysis instruments
  • Simultaneously measures pressure and temperature
  • Offers improved user safety
  • Features Interactive and easy-to-use graphical interface

Download Key Technical Data

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