The DSC 204 HP Phoenix® is a high-pressure differential scanning calorimeter. The thermal effects in a sample can be tested based on the type of gas. The atmosphere in the sample chamber can be dynamic or static. The electronic pressure monitor and control coupled with proper control of the purge gas flow, enables better percision and reproducibility of the measurement results.

Numerous chemical reactions and physical processes are influenced by the surrounding gas pressure, it is therefore often important to perform DSC measurements under an increased pressure. This can be achieved using the DSC 204 HP Phoenix®.

The safety of the high-pressure DSC system has been certified through design tests and is guaranteed during operation by the appropriate safety components.

Key Features

The main features of the DSC 204 HP Phoenix® are as follows:

  • Versatile high-pressure DSC
  • Pressure range from vacuum to 15MPa (150 bar)
  • Temperature range from -150°C to 600°C
  • Operation safey is guaranteed with the use of relevant safety components
  • CC 200 L for liquid nitrogen cooling is offered for the low-temperature range


  • Determination of vapor pressure and evaporation heat (ASTM E1782)
  • Vulcanization of elastomers
  • Separation of reactions with overlapped evaporation
  • Hydration of unsaturated fatty acids
  • Measurement of adsorption and desorption, e.g. on metallic compounds
  • Oxidation stability of fats, oils, and lubricants (ASTM E1858, ASTM D6186, ASTM E2009, ASTM D5483)
  • Curing of thermosets, e.g. phenolic resin
  • DSC measurements under ambient pressure and under reduced pressure can also be performed

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