IBC 284 – Isothermal Battery Calorimeter from Netzsch for Thermal Management of Battery Packs

The isothermal battery calorimeter (IBC) 284 is designed for examining the performance and safety of energy storage devices, such as large lithium ion batteries used widely in airplanes, electric vehicles, stationary power back-up, and storage applications.

The IBC 284 can safely and precisely characterize heat output and efficiency of the batteries in different temperature, load, pressure, and usage conditions, thus offering correct and critical data, which was previously unavailable.

As temperature plays a huge role in the safety, performance, and life of batteries, temperature control is essential for effective operation of lithium ion batteries, mainly for electric drive vehicles.

The IBC's innovations are complete thermal isolation (patented), the ability to test large cells and batteries, and the features needed to test high energetic batteries safely, providing a level of accuracy and functionality not seen in other calorimeters. Precisely measuring heat generation helps to cost-effectively optimize battery thermal-management systems, extend battery life and improve safety.

Key Features:

  • Measures heat signature of large format cells
  • Test small and large cylindrical, pouch and prismatic cells and other energy storage devices
  • Accurate heat measurements lead to better thermal management, improving performance, lifetime and safety of battery systems
  • Patented high power connections result in true battery heat measurements due to the elimination of heat losses
  • Independently measures charging and discharging efficiency over different temperature ranges and SOCs*
  • Calorimetric-driven development decreases time to market

*State of Charge

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