V400ACE Focused Ion Beam for Electronics from FEI

The V400ACE™ focused ion beam (FIB) system incorporates the latest advancements in gas delivery, ion column design and end point detection to provide rapid, efficient and economical editing on superior integrated circuits.

The circuit editing feature enables product designers to reroute conductive pathways and analyze the modified circuits in a few hours, which used to take weeks or months, to create new masks and process new wafers.

With the reduction in modification and test cycles, manufacturers are now able to test novel processes to increase yields in a faster manner and be first to market with premium priced new products.

The V400ACE is capable of handling advanced design and process challenges such as smaller geometries, exotic materials, higher circuit densities and intricate interconnect structures. The V400ACE can be configured for backside editing with an optional IR microscope and bulk silicon trenching package.

Key Features

The main features of the V400ACE™ FIB system are as follows:

  • Rapid and accurate circuit modifications allow design alterations in a few hours without the need to process new silicon
  • High quality thin sample preparation and 3D characterization and testing
  • Tomahawk ion column can transmit additional current to a smaller spot for quicker and more accurate milling
  • NanoChemix gas delivery system offers better speed, uniformity, flexibility and quality in material deposition and removal
  • Simultaneous plots of SE and specimen current enhance end point detection
  • Rapid and accurate cross sectioning displays defects and subsurface features

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