Genevac Rocket Synergy Evaporators

The Genevac Rocket Synergy evaporators are based on a patented vacuum technology that can be used to evaporate solutions to complete dryness or to quickly and safely concentrate solutions.

The advanced Synergy series provides integrated, flexible solutions for processing several sample volumes. Interchangeable rotors can house flasks, tubes and batch volumes of up to 100L.

The Rocket Synergy evaporator can house six flasks, with each flask capable of holding up to 450ml of solvent, and also a number of innovative Genevac sample holders such as the SampleGenie.

If needed, the removable rotor can be substituted with a 5L 316 stainless steel vessel for batch processing.

The Rocket 4D Synergy can also evaporate large sample volumes. It has an autofeed feature that can be used if required. It is capable of performing automatic evaporation of volumes up to 100L.

The solution is fed by the system for evaporation to the evaporation vessel. The temperature and pressure is well controlled. The system prevents bumping and foaming, drains the condenser and stops when dry or concentrated. If required, it can also be used to redissolve the product into a small volume of solvent.

Genevac - Which Rocket Synergy? [updated version available]

Key Features

The main features of the Genevac rocket synergy evaporators are listed below:

  • Rapid processing of larger volumes of solvent in parallel
  • Requires no manual supervision
  • Removable flask rotor can house many Rocket sample handling solutions
  • Can handle any volume of solvents
  • Can replace many rotary evaporators and save valuable bench space.


The Genevac rocket synergy evaporators can be applied in the following areas:

  • Chiral separation
  • LC/MS or HPLC purification
  • Natural products research
  • Flash chromatography
  • Process development
  • Medicinal chemistry and parallel synthesis
Genevac - Rocket Synergy [updated version available]
Genevac - Rocket 4D Synergy [updated version available]

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