Genevac SampleGenie for Sample Concentration and Drying

The SampleGenie technology along with the Genevac Rocket Synergy, EZ-2 and HT series evaporators allows large volumes of samples to be dried directly into vials, eliminating the need for several time-consuming sample handling steps and removing manual error.

The steps traditionally followed for concentration of chromatographic fractions involve drying several fractions in an evaporator followed by the re-suspendion and pooling of fractions into a single vial.

The individual vials are finally re-dried before storage and assessment. These steps would take 2-3 days to perform even if the latest centrifugal evaporators were used.

However, with the SampleGenie, it is possible for pooled fractions to be dried directly into the final submission vial, reducing the time taken by up to 66%.

Available for starting volumes of up to 60ml, 125ml and 250ml, SampleGenie is compatible with a wide range of HPLC, GC and storage vial sizes.

SampleGenie for Rocket Synergy.

SampleGenie for Rocket Synergy. Image credit: SP Scientific

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