MAXXI6 Microspot XRF Analyser

Achieving specified coating thickness and composition targets is critical to ensuring that functional requirements are met and waste from over-plating and rework is avoided. Coatings analysis based on X-ray fluorescence is industry-proven and offers fast, non-destructive analysis. The MAXXI 6 is designed to measure single-layer and multi-layer coatings – including alloyed layers – for the electronics and metal finishing markets.

The instrument is optimised to ensure you get reliable, repeatable results for hundreds of applications including PCB surface finishes, connector coatings, corrosion resistance, decorative finishes, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and more.

With superior resolution and high efficiency SDD, the MAXXI 6 is the ideal instrument for measuring the thinnest coatings down to nanometer scale and element composition at trace level.

  • High resolution SDD
  • Element range : Al – U
  • Chamber design : Slotted
  • XY stage options : Fixed base, motorized
  • Largest sample : 500 x 450 x 170 mm
  • Maximum number of collimators : 8
  • Filters : 5
  • Smallest collimator : 0.05 x 0.05 mm (2 x 2 mil)
  • SmartLink software

Key features

  • Superior resolution Silicon drift detector  (SDD) offers optimal efficiency at all energy levels with energy resolution up to 140eV
  • Industry leading design of the collimator changer offers 8 exchangeable collimators to cover the complete application needs
  • Giant slotted chamber with generous interior volume, ideal for a big variety of standard and oversized samples
  • The “USB easy choice” allows operation using a standard computer through USB connection with no additional hardware or firmware
  • Intuitive WindowsTM 7 based MaxxControl software offers choice of empirical calibration for highest accuracy and FP model for ease of use
  • Unlimited selection of elements and layer structure for thickness and composition analysis
  • Made in Germany to the highest standards of engineering and long term reliability
  • Approved by PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) ensures highest level of radiation safety

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