Thermo Scientific MAGCIS with Dual Ion Source

The Thermo Scientific MAGCIS dual mode ion source functions both as a gas cluster ion source and a monatomic ion source, facilitating the depth profiling analysis and surface cleaning of soft and hard materials on a single XPS instrument.

In several X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) applications, such as measuring plasma deposited coatings for bio-medical devices, analyzing oil-resistant coatings on touch screens or understanding OLEDs and solar cells; depth profiling is crucial.

Monatomic ion sources, which use Ar+ as a projectile, have been used for many years to analyze variations in chemistry spanning the depth of a layered material or to clean inorganic surfaces. There are some limitations with the monatomic ion sources, which can be countered with the novel gas cluster ion sources.

Key Features

The main features of the Thermo Scientific MAGCIS are listed below:

  • Polymer depth profiles
  • Rapid, automated mode switching
  • Reduces sample damage
  • Cleans up inorganic samples
  • Multi-mode depth profiles
  • Full control through Avantage data system
  • Automated set-up and alignment


The key applications of the Thermo Scientific MAGCIS are mentioned below:

  • Analysis of graphene-based devices
  • Comparing fabric treatments
  • Conformity of bio-medical coatings
  • Depth profiles of polymer multi-layers
  • Depth profiles of mixed materials both polymer/inorganic
  • Depth profiles of metals and oxides
  • Organic and inorganic solar cells
  • Preparing high-k materials for angle resolved XPS
  • Surface cleaning of oxides and glasses
  • Understanding polymer electronics

MAGCIS dual mode ion source is offered on Thermo Scientific surface analysis instruments such as K-Alpha X-ray photoelectron spectrometer; ESCALAB 250Xi XPS microprobe; and theta probe angle-resolved XPS system

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