The Theta Probe: An Angle-Resolved X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer System

The Thermo Scientific™ Theta Probe is a high performance XPS system, which is used for ultra-thin film analysis.

Angle resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy is considered an ideal method to measure samples of different types of materials.

The theta probe is provided with a micro-focused X-ray source and parallel ARXPS analyzer that make complicated thin film measurements both easy and intuitive.

The scope of the theta probe can be extended further by incorporating other analysis methods, such as UV photoelectron spectroscopy and an array of sample preparation options.

The Thermo Scientific™ theta probe comprises the following components:

  • Ion gun
  • Electron analyzer
  • 5-axis sample stage
  • Sample viewing
  • Microfocused monochromated X-ray source
  • Combined low-energy electron/ion flood gun
  • Options - Twin anode x-ray source; Thermo Scientific™ MAGCIS™ (monatomic and gas cluster ion source); UPS; platter camera; field emission electron source

Key Features

The main features of the Thermo Scientific™ theta probe are as follows:

  • Large sample handling
  • Parallel ARXPS for ultra-thin film measurements without tilting
  • Overhead sample alignment with co-axial and off-axial lighting
  • Small spot X-ray source for small feature analysis
  • Ion source for depth profiling
  • Thermo Scientific™ Avantage™ software for data acquisition, instrument control, data processing and reporting.
  • Chemical state imaging


The main applications of the Thermo Scientific™ theta probe are as follows:

  • Graphene-based electronics
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Self-assembled monolayers
  • Medical devices

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