Kinexus DSR+ for Research and Development Requirements in the Asphalt Industry

The Kinexus DSR+ is a dynamic shear rotational rheometer designed to meet R&D requirements in the asphalt sector. It has an innovative ‘plug and play’ functionality that suits all measuring units and environmental control systems.

The Kinexus DSR+ offers original standard operating procedure (SOP)-based testing as well as access to a complete range of standard rheological tests coupled with a 100% flexibile test design and set-up.

The Kinexus DSR combines technological advancements to enable optimal flexibility in rheological protocols and test capabilities. This is especially useful to ensure compliance with the asphalt industry’s quality control regulations.

Key Features

The main features of the Kinexus DSR+ are as follows:

  • Grade testing that complies with industry standards such as EN and AASHTO specifications, with time-temperature superposition for master curve generation
  • Numerous measurement geometries designed for rheological characterization of liquid binders as well as solid asphalt cores
  • All modes of rheological operation, such as stress, shear rate and direct strain controlled oscillations amplitude are offered at demand strain  for the precise control of sample strain history
  • All rheological tests are supplied with the basic Kinexus package which can be accessed along with the standard Asphalt software
  • As a standard, the full sample history from the first step of loading onto the rheometer is available in a data file format, ensuring consistent rheology data for complex materials such as asphalt
  • Innovative rSpace software interface offers 100% flexibility of test set-ups spanning from sequence-driven SOP-type functionality to wholly customizable test designs
  • Smart geometry recognition with 100% auto-configuration and user feedback on the system status to ensure robust data for all measurements
  • Penetrometer adapter for automatic penetration testing of asphalt binders and solids fixtures for measuring fatigue or accumulated strain testing of asphalt cores
  • Multi-operational accessory design e.g., cylinder cartridges consisting of interchangeable cups, and plate cartridges  consisting of interchangeable lower plates to ensure cost-effectiveness and a large application range
  • Excellent vertical travel and gapping capacities coupled with ultra-responsive and highly sensitive normal force systems to guarantee superior performance
  • Innovative ‘plug and play’ cartridge system for all temperature and environmental controllers, enabling all communication, power, mechanical and fluid connections to be performed in one simple step.

Customer Testimonial

The Malvern Panalytical rheometer is an extremely important asset for Michelman Inc. It allows us to measure the viscosity of coatings at different shear rates and then confidently predict stability, ease of application and leveling behaviour. The melting oven is a valuable accessory that allows us to assess polymer feeds in wax emulsions. Malvern Panalytical’s technical support is excellent, particularly with respect to interpreting results, and has helped us to extract maximum value from the instrument.

Ron Foster, Senior Research Chemist, Michelman Inc

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