Evactron Remote RF Plasma De-Contaminator

The Evactron® EP de-contaminator is the latest remote RF plasma cleaning system from XEI Scientific as part of XEI Scientific’s E-series.

The Evactron® EP model is meant primarily for users involved in the fields of physics and materials science who design and use customized vacuum systems. This model is similar to the Evactron® ES model, and offers users maximum cleaning rates at low pressures.

The instrument uses flowing afterglow cleaning with air to clean carbon compounds from vacuum chambers which operate with turbo molecular pumps.

The Evactron® EP has manual control with LED status lighters and a front plasma cleaning switch. It is programmed with fixed operating conditions, times and powers.

Key Features

The main features of the Evactron® EP de-contaminator are listed below:

  • High reliability 20W RF 13.56 MHz power supply
  • Energy-efficient hollow cathode plasma
  • Flow through gas supply
  • Ideal cleaning conditions are preset
  • Low pressure operation @1-3 Pa for long lived radicals and rapid cleaning rates
  • Plasma radical source design maximizes delivery of radicals to chamber
  • Vacuum only operation interlock
  • Fixed match offers highest plasma power transfer
  • “Pop” ignition of the plasma functions at all pressures below 100 Pa or 750 mTorr
  • Can start and operate at turbo molecular pump compatible pressures
  • Vacuum gauge is not needed
  • Front panel adjustments is not required, on/off switch only
  • NW 40 flange standard, CF 2.75 optional

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