Portable Tenderometer – the TU-12

FTC offers the portable and affordable TU-12 tenderometer. The system is designed to determine the ripeness of fresh peas in the field, and has been calibrated to read out directly in Tenderometer Units (TUs). It can use an automotive battery, or other 12 V DC power source.

For four decades, FTC tenderometers have been used by processors across the globe to determine the date of harvest, as well as to position harvesters to obtain an effective crop yield.

Even a single point or two off the standard can prove quite costly in terms of profits. FTC offers precise and trouble-free systems that can be used for grading the quality of the peas. Precise readings can save significant amount of money in medium to large-scale operations, and can pay back the original investment quickly.

To facilitate easy transport, the tripod legs are fully collapsible. The system can be used free standing on the ground, or can be operated on the back of a vehicle. The TU-12 tenderometer is also provided with a hard mount kit so that it can be directly attached to a harvester. It is robust, reliable, and can tolerate harsh applications with minimum maintenance.

Thanks to micro processor control, the instrument can be operated easily and requires only minimal training. Operators can simply load the sample and push the "START" button. Once the system completes a test cycle, the results are displayed in standard Tenderometer Units up to 160 TUs.

The TU-12 tenderometer comes with a FTA-TU load cell, CS-1-TU Kramer test cell, TG-4E texture gage, TP-12 texture press, calibration certificate, and user manual.

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Key Features

  • Easy to operate
  • Portable and economical
  • Durable, rugged, and reliable
  • Adjustable tripod legs
  • Calibrated with fresh peas for tenderometer use
  • Can withstand harsh applications


  • Maximum force 160 TUs
  • Stroke speed pre-set (standard) 30 s
  • Displays results in standard tenderometer units
  • Dimensions 10” (L) x 10” (W) x 37” (H)
  • Weight 16 kg / 35 lbs
  • Standard 12 volt battery, but other optional voltages are also available

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