Predictive Maintenance Software for Atmosphere Furnaces

The PdMetrics® software platform, ideal for predictive maintenance, is a tool that allows users to anticipate disruption and provides them with the power to optimize equipment performance and production efficiency. This is a tool that helps connect a team to vital information that is needed to make a business more competitive and agile.

The PdMetrics software platform, with sophisticated monitoring and diagnostics, integrates with critical systems in order to provide users with insights never before seen in the industry. This innovative system is capable of securely connecting to a network of integrated sensors in the furnace to collect data, analyze it and then provide real-time diagnostics that enhance the integrity and health of the equipment.

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By integrating predictive maintenance with heat treatment equipment, users are able to:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Anticipate future furnace problems
  • Analyze data surrounding failures to determine the root cause
  • Achieve smart factory integration with furnace fleet analytics, allowing users to see the health of all furnaces at all of their facilities
  • Connect to real-time furnace visibility for better, faster decision making – from viewing dashboards at the furnace, smartphone, office PC or tablet to sending/receiving urgent alerts by email or text
  • Leverage Ipsen's vast experience through automated analysis performed by the PdMetrics algorithms
  • Achieve improved furnace performance through proactive maintenance

After the data is analyzed in Ipsen's secure Diagnostic Support Center – where the company looks for trends and anomalies that may indicate the need for further actions – the company then directly contacts the customers with suggested next steps when needed. If a customer selects the Platinum Protection Plan, the company will also instantly send a qualified technician and any parts that are needed to help resolve the issue.

The PdMetrics software platform is available with the purchase of a new furnace or as a retrofit. It has recently been launched for use in North America on all horizontal furnaces with up to a 48 x 48 inch cross section, or bottom-loading furnaces with up to a 60-inch diameter. In addition, it works as a furnace add-on that is not integrated with the furnace PLC, meaning it can be quickly and easily retrofitted to the global installed base, including non-Ipsen brand furnaces.

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