Buehler’s PlanarMet 300 bench top planar grinder is a fast, accurate, and compact system that uses a fixed 12” abrasive stone to ensure rapid sample grinding. The stone grinder is directly integrated with the EcoMet™/AutoMet™ Grinder-Polisher, and includes a high torque, continuous duty motor with built-in automatic wheel dressing, integrated cooling, and compact interlocking safety cover. The grinder can house up to 10 specimens at a single time.

With a compact bench-top design, the PlanarMet 300 can be placed next to the EcoMet/AutoMet Grinder-Polisher. Similar to the EcoMet/AutoMet Grinder-Polisher, the PlanarMet 300 utilizes the same central force specimen holders and makes it possible to complete further preparation steps without the need for transferring to a new holder.

Consistent grinding is ensured through the integrated dressing system, which offers a fresh and flat grinding surface. While the stone is grinding, a metal-matrix diamond dressing stick easily moves across it to eliminate any embedded material and thus, provides a new abrasive surface. Using the auto homing feature, the PlanarMet 300 calibrates on its own when changing stones. As soon as the dressing system is programmed, it automatically dresses the stone during each cycle of grinding and thereafter at a modifiable depth and frequency.

All input parameters are displayed through a simple control panel. Built-in cooling is achieved by utilizing direct plumbing or a recirculation tank. A special water manifold in the PlanarMet™ 300 directs water to make sure that specimens remain cool during the most aggressive grinding process and at the same time, it also reduces sub-surface damage. The grinding stone can be changed quickly and easily, thanks to the single-bolt design. The drive plate contains alignment pins, which ensure that the stone remains centred and can be easily taken off and replaced in the same accurate location.

Key Features

The main features of the PlanarMet™ 300 are as follows:

  • Rapid grinding with high stiffness and maximum edge retention
  • Fast and Efficient: Up to 10 times faster than grinding with SiC paper
  • Convenient: Three grinding steps to a single step without changing paper
  • Compact: Includes all the power of a floor-standing model in a compact, bench-top design
  • Accurate: Programmable grinding depth in increments of 0.1mm
  • Rugged and powerful: 5.7Hp motor enables aggressive material removal
  • High level of safety: Durable cast cover; magnetic interlock automatically shuts off motors if cover is removed
  • Precise material removal
  • Robust cooling
  • Reliable results
  • Can be set up easily
  • No air or water connections needed
  • Produces a high-quality, plane surface to directly move to polishing steps
  • Easy stone change and a self calibrating auto-dressing system provide ease of use

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