High-Temperature Ultra Nanoindentation UNHT³ HTV

Anton Paar is a pioneer in environmentally controlled, high-temperature instrumented indentation with various solutions up to temperatures of 800 °C and down to -150 °C.

The actuating system is based on the patented technology (patent US 7685868 and EP 1828744) of the Ultra Nanoindentation Tester (UNHT3 HTV) with two independent depth and load sensors combined with high-resolution capacitive sensors. Thermal barriers, water circulation and reflective mirrors prevent the head from heating, resulting in an unmatched stability.

In addition, a high vacuum chamber minimizes oxidation as well as heat loss from convection. The lowest thermal drift at ambient conditions (<0.5 nm/min) and over the entire temperature range (<3 nm/min) ensures a high reliability for the measurements.

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