Compact, In-Line Metrology with the S mart

The S mart is a compact and lightweight in-line metrology solution specifically designed to be integrated into production systems. It comes with flexible mounting options and can tolerate adverse environments.

Many factors that complicate measurement operations are encountered in production environments such as aggressive materials, different conditions and vibrations. These issues can be overcome uisng the S mart in-line metrology solution. The device features an optically sealed sensor head that does not have any moving parts, meaning it remains clean and well aligned.

The S mart is based on over 14 years of expertise in surface metrology systems and is perfect for industrial tooling applications. It was built from an initial concept and is not merely an adaption of current systems.

SensoSCAN 6 is a newly developed software interface that features customizable tool features and provides an excellent intuitive interface. To facilitate automated in-line process applications, new and powerful analysis algorithms have been also been designed. These features can be accessed system-wide through the SDK remote software platform.

With the three technologies integrated in the in sensor head, the S mart in-line metrology solution can handle different types and topologies of surfaces.

Confocal – No Moving Parts

Confocal scanning is a microscopy imaging technique. The S mart 3D optical profiler uses Sensofar’s patented technology, which is built on a microdisplay. The silicon (FLCoS) microdisplay features ferroelectric liquid crystals and a fast switching device that allows the rapid and stable scanning of confocal images.

When this method is integrated with Sensofar’s high NA objectives, vertical resolution can be brought down to less than 1 nm. Since the sensor head has no moving parts, alignment and maintenance problems are eliminated, ultimately extending the lifespan of the sensor head.

More Accurate Than Ever

The excellent vertical tracking of the sensor head is controlled by novel piezo-capacitive elements, leading to 0.7 nm resolution and 0.03% linearity. Accuracy is down to 0.5% when step heights are being determined.

Outstanding Lateral Resolution

According to the Rayleigh criterion, both points can be possibly resolved if the first minimum of one Airy disk is aligned with the middle maximum of the second Airy disk. As a result, the lateral resolution is enhanced when ultra-high NA objective and short wavelength light are utilized. The confocal technique provides more factors like imaging conditions and incoherent illumination that serve to reduce the K- factor. These features make the S mart comparatively better than other optical profilers available on the market.

Amazing Image Quality

The S mart 3D optical profiler uses a high-resolution CCD sensor of 1360×1024 pixels along with high-resolution displays of 2560×1440. It provides images that do not need to be scaled up or down, and hence, appear vivid, sharp and realistic on-screen. Unlike color cameras that are built on a Bayer matrix of pixels, the S mart profiler does not have to interpolate the color data between pixels.

Key Features

  • Robust, rugged and reliable
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Optically sealed sensor head contains no moving parts
  • SensoSCAN 6 software interface provides intuitive interface and features customizable tool features
  • New and powerful analysis algorithms designed for automated in-line process applications
  • Suitable for industrial tooling applications

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