LF High Temperature Top Loading Vacuum/Controlled Atmosphere from Centorr Vacuum Industries

  • Maximum Temperature: 2,000° C (3632° F)
  • Primary Use: Laboratory
  • Heat method: Electric Resistance
  • Operation: Vacuum and Inert Atmosphere
  • Operating Mode: Batch
  • Chamber Wall: Cold (Water Jacket)
  • Maximum Vacuum: 10-3 or 10-6 Torr (dependent on model selected)
  • Maximum Positive Pressure Inert Gas: 2 PSIG (.14 KGS/CM2)
  • Configuration: Vertical
  • Heat Zone Size: .58 Liters (35.3 cubic inches)
  • Heating Element: Metal (Tungsten)
  • Application: Multi-purpose


  • Ultra Clean Tungsten element and Tungsten/Molybdenum heat shields
  • Robust and Reliable Centorr Vacuum Industries' Design
  • Long Life from Rugged Centorr Vacuum Industries' Construction
  • Capable of many applications and processes
  • Highest Quality at an affordable price
  • Rapid heat up and cool down
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to install (easy for customer to do)


  • Operating Temperature: 2000°C (3632°F) in vacuum, 2000°C (3632°F) in Argon, Nitrogen Gas, or Forming Gas.
  • Operating Pressure: 2 PSIG (0.14 KG/SQ. CM) positive pressure to 10-3 torr vacuum or 10-6 torr vacuum (dependent on model selection)
  • Ultimate Vacuum:
    Standard Roughing Pump Model - 10-2 to 10-3 Torr (chamber clean, cold, empty and out gassed).
    Diffusion Pump Model - 10-5 to 10-6 Torr (chamber clean, cold, empty and out gassed).
    Turbo Molecular Pump Model - 10-5 to 10-6 Torr (chamber clean, cold, empty and out gassed).
  • Heat Up Time: 21°C to 2000°C, 176 minutes
  • Cool Down Time: 2000°C to 100°C, 19 minutes

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