Level Sensing Bulk Solids, Powders and Liquids

The BinMaster GWR-1000 level sensor is designed to measure bulk solids, liquids and powders that are within vessels up to 78’ in height. It uses state-of-the-art two-wire TDR measurement technology and the measurement data can be converted to a 4-20 mA output.

The SAP-300 local display unit for the GWR-1000 enables the measurement data to be viewed. A straightforward, text-based menu system is provided to set the standard parameters. The measure data is displayed via a large LCD dot-matrix display in bar graph and numerical form.

A SmartWave pulse radar transmitter is capable of tracking materials starting at the tip of the rod antenna right down to the bottom of the tank. The radar probe is able to maintain its performance even in the case of any accumulation on the rod antenna. It has a low dialectic mode setting, and offers simple two-point, push-button calibration.

A SmartSonic ultrasonic display can be used with SmartSonic or SmartWave transmitters for monitoring the bin levels. An NEMA-4X enclosure is equipped with five display modules. By configuring the display unit, a range of operational needs can be met.

The sensor uses an auto-sensing AC/DC power supply. Analog current loops and relay outputs are used to transmit the measurement data to PLC/DCS or other analog devices.

Key Features

  • Resistance to dust, and high temperatures, pressures and bulk densities
  • 8 mm cable is used for heavier bulk solid materials and liquids
  • 4mm cable is used for bulk solids and lighter powders
  • The display unit is easy to program and install


  • Powder and bulk solids
  • Critical non-contact applications such as food, beverages or chemicals

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