1500°C Vacuum Tube Furnace from CARBOLITE GERO

The 1500°C vacuum tube furnace features:

  • Maximum operating temperature 1500°C
  • For horizontal use only
  • Offers vacuum levels of better than 10-5 mbar with a clean empty worktube; turbomolecular high vacuum pump systems are available
  • Vacuum system and controls are housed in the base
  • One end of the worktube is joined to the vacuum system via a stainless steel elbow
  • Tube access is via the other end which is fitted with a removable stainless steel flange
  • Radiation shields are provided for both ends of the furnace to ensure maximum temperature uniformity
  • Furnaces include two stage sliding vane rotary pump, water cooled oil diffusion pump, high vacuum baffle valve, roughing/backing valve(s) and Pirani and Penning gauges.
  • Special options include: gas systems, automatic/semi-automatic vacuum systems, air cooled diffusion pump, cooling water failure alarm, lower vacuum and special vertical and custom built designs

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