Cable-Based Level Sensing with the SmartBob

The SmartBob2 sensor from BinMaster is a highly accurate and smart inventory measurement system. It is a "bob" or "weight and cable" based level measurement system designed to handle continuous monitoring of the level of bulk solids and powders in tanks, bins and silos.

The sensor is powerful, versatile and cost effective. It can be used to measure powders, liquids, large granular and dry bulk solids.

Types of SmartBob Sensors that are Available

  • The SmartBob-TS1 Sensor is a compact and inexpensive inventory tracking system. It is used to measure solids, powders, slurries or liquids in bins, tanks and silos. It can be installed on flat or angled roods. It consists of probes, mounting flanges, gearbox motor heaters and pipe extensions.
  • The SmartBob AO Level Sensor uses an in-built 4-20 mA analog output for use by manufacturers who prefer an analog output instead of a PLC to monitor bin levels. The SmartBob A can be easily configured using a push-button user interface which has SmartBob AO circuitry.
  • SmartBob MultiBob System – Enables mounting 2 to 32 SmartBob sensors in a single bin to measure various points. The eBob software is used to calculate an average level of the bin. It is ideal for use with larger diameter bins or bins with uneven material topographies. A strapping table can be added to the bin parameters to customize the data for a specific bin using the eBob software.
  • SmartBob2 Remote – Can be configured using multiple kinds of probe designs and extensions for solid, slurry and liquid applications. It is a highly precise cable-based inventory measurement system. The remote is easy to install, and sturdy. It does not need any field calibration and ensures limited wiring.
  • SmartBob SS – Can be used in tanks where solid materials begin to settle at the bottom. The device is meant for measuring the level of solid material below a liquid surface.

Consoles, Software and Accessories

  • BinView – A web-based bin monitoring solution, which is applied in bins, tanks and silos. It consits of a wired or wireless data communications network, SmartBob-TS1 sensor or SmartBob2 sensor, a gateway and data collection software.
  • eBob Inventory Management Software – Used to gather data from storage bins. It is possible for authorized users to view the data via LAN network connections. The reports produced by the software can be applied to increase the operational effectiveness and to offer important real-time and historical data.
  • Remote Start Unit (RSU) – It is used as a simple interface between a distributed control system (DCS) or program logic controller (PLC), and a single SmartBob remote. The RSU can also used for starting a timed or manual measurement.
  • SmartBob2 Pipe Extensions are used when the SmartBob seat has to be lengthened.
  • SmartBob Wireless Transceivers are single-radio modules that operates on a 900 MHz frequency hopping spectrum technology. It helps to support RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. The transceiver is available in NEMA 4X and indoor models, ensuring suitability for manufacturing, processing or storage applications.
  • The SmartBob2 Momentum Universal Communication Module has a pre-loaded SmartBob2 application, which can be compiled and downloaded into its Flash memory. It does not need analog input and output cards.
  • SmartBob Control Console – Used for starting and viewing measurements from multiple SmartBob2 sensors. The eBob software can be used to combine the console with a network. The console is capable of providing measurement readings from between 1 and 128 SmartBob remotes.
  • SmartBob2 High Temperature Remote – Used in applications where the process temperature ranges from 240 °F to 500 °F. To keep the remote away from the heat, a stainless steel standpipe is provided.
  • SmartBob Analog Expansion Console – Can be interfaced with C-100 SmartBob control console so as to offer 4-20 mA outputs. A RS-485 cable can be used to connect the console and the C-100 SmartBob.


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