The FPT-H1 is a horizontal tester for testing the coefficient of friction, peel, and tear in compliance with major international standards. It is easy to use and has a modern and sleek style.

FPT-H1 for coefficient of friction testing – It is designed to suit converters, manufacturers, and end-users of sheets and film materials. The FPT-H1 is pre-programmed to execute dynamic and static coefficients of friction testing on numerous materials. The standards met are ASTM D1894, ISO 15359, BS EN ISO 8295, and TAPPI T 549.

FPT-H1 for peel testing – It is a simple push-button peel tester capable of performing 90°, 180°, or ‘T’-peel tests. The standards met are ASTM D3330, ASTM F88, ISO 8510-2 Part 2, FINAT 1, 2 & 3, and AFERA 5001. It is suitable for a range of tests required in the wrapping, packaging, and laminating markets, including FINAT test methods one, two and three for pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, self-adhesive labels, resealable openings, and welded packaging seals.

FPT-H1 for tear testing – It evaluates packaging material strength, welded joins, creases, folds, and perforation lines. The standards met are DIN 53363, ASTM D1938-08, ISO 34-1, 6383-1, 12625-12, 13937 and 11897. It is suitable for the paper, plastic film, and textile sectors, with materials that can be tested including plastic films and sheeting, perforated closures, paper and card, perforated stamps, coupons and tickets, and fabric coverings and bindings.

Key Features

  • Designed and manufactured to the ISO 9001 standard
  • Touch-screen operation for swift throughput integrated with reproducibility and security
  • Simple controls to enable easy usage
  • Minimal training is required to use the instrument
  • Stainless steel horizontal plane with solid surface as required for friction testing. It can be optionally heated, and is easy to clean to remove specimen contamination
  • Interchangeable loadcells for swift plug-and-play installation of the optimum capacity loadcell for accurate results
  • Sturdy construction for durability and minimum maintenance
  • Supported by Mecmesin calibration and professional services

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