2D CCD Imaging Integrated with a Spectrophotometer

The recently-developed Atlas 2D analysis system from Admesy is a 2D imaging CCD integrated with a spectrophotometer. The system offers an unparalleled range of capabilities and adaptability. The Atlas can be used in the LED panel and display markets to examine characteristics such as color uniformity, luminance, Mura, and white point adjustment. The software used makes operation of Atlas very user-friendly.

The Atlas comprises of a 2D RGB imaging CCD and a spectrophotometer -  with a spectral range between 380 and 780 nm - with the following camera choices:

  • 2 MP RGB CCD
  • 8 MP RGB CCD
  • 16 MP RGB CCD

Download the Brochure for More Information

Key Features

  • Luminance and color uniformity measurements
  • High precision due to the spectrometer
  • White point adjustment
  • Mura measurements
  • Self-calibrating 2D component
  • 2D and spectrometer Auto-range measure operation
  • Dark current compensated
  • Programmable regions of interest

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