Compact Calotest for Characterization of Coating Thickness

Calotest is used to determine the thickness of a coating. The Compact Calotest (CATc) is designed to determine coatings with thicknesses ranging between 0.1 µm and 50 µm. The thicknesses of varied coatings, whether multilayered or a single stack, are analyzed accurately and quickly with the help of the simple ball-cratering method.

Typical examples include lacquers, anodic oxidation layers, paints, PVD, CVD, galvanic deposits, polymers, chemical deposits, and plasma spray coatings. The CATc is available in industrial and compact configurations, and is used to test a wide range of materials.

Key Features

The main features of the CATc include:

  • Fine and extra fine polishing slurries
  • Coating thickness determination
  • Spherical abrasion test methodtechnique
  • Industrial and cCompact configurations are available
  • Applicable to a wide range of materials
  • Optical measuring system with automatic thickness calculation (Optional)

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