Torque Testing with a Touch Screen Interface – The Vortex-xt

The Vortex-xt from Mecmesin provides Quality Control torque testing directly to the point of production. Performing regular torque measurements, with instant and comprehensible pass/fail verification, requires just two clicks on the touch screen interface. For additional versatility, it is possible for users to program, store, and access more complex torsion tests, with a number of calculations available for data interrogation.

Key Features

The main features of the Vortex-xt are;

  • Quick and efficient testing solution
    • Easy access to five frequently used torque tests, for quick test initiation.
    • Minimal training is required, due to the simple menu selection interface.
  • Straightforward results
    • The sample performance can checked quickly and easily using color-coded pass/fail indicators.
    • Torque test measurement data is displayed graphically on the clear display for 'real time' test observation, or in tabulated form, to aid in making comparisons between tests.
  • Programmable 
    • Adapts to suit the users changing needs, enabling numerous test programs to be created and stored on the system.
    • Restricted access levels clearly divide administrative tasks from everyday test use, preventing accidental damage to vital test data and programs.
  • Evaluation and reporting
    • Standard and customizable report templates are available for easy documentation creation, which then can be stored and exported to SPC packages and Microsoft Excel®.
  • Transfer data to peripheral devices
    • Export data direct to a printer, PC or datalogger for additional testing and reporting via wireless network or USB.
Vortex-xt Touch-screen Torque Tester - Product Overview (Short) - Mecmesin Torque Measurement

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