UH-X/FX User Friendly Hydraulic Universal Testers

The UH-X/FX series of hydraulic universal testers from Shimadzu are easy to use and provide high forces for compression, tensile, or cycle testing. They are especially useful for testing certain materials, such as metals and composites.

Shimadzu offers two model types; UH-X, with enclosed grips; and UH-FX, with actuated front-opening hydraulic grips for effective specimen recovery, and excellent safety.

The test control options include a large colour LCD touch-pad, and PC control using Trapezium X Testing software.

Shimadzu offers a range of standard UH-X/FX models, which includes:

  • UH-X and UH-FX 1,000 kN (220,000 lbf) capacity models
  • UH-X 600 kN (132,000 lbf) capacity model
  • UH-X and UH-FX 300 kN (66,000 lbf) capacity models
  • UH-X and UH-FX 500 kN (110,000 lbf) capacity models
  • UH-X 200 kN (44,000 lbf) capacity model

In the environmentally friendly hybrid option all of the models in the standard series are available as a regular hydraulic model or a hybrid hydraulic model, which is integrated with an AC servo motor and a hydraulic pump, minimizing power consumption and requiring less oil.

In the large capacity series The UH-X and UH-FX models are offered with capacities of 2,000 kN (440,000 lbf), 3,000 kN (660,000 lbf), and 4,000 kN (880,000 lbf) in order to meet demanding testing applications. Only the UH-X and UH-FX 2,000 kN capacity models are offered in hybrid hydraulic modes.

In the extended-column models - Models with column extensions are provided to encompass a broad range of applications.

Key Features

The main features of the UH-X/FX series of hydraulic universal testers are listed below:

  • High-speed data measurement without ranges - Data can be acquired at sampling rates of up to 1 msec (1 kHz), so that even unexpected changes in test force can be captured with high precision. Force and strain data measurement without ranges means data is obtained using optimal measurement parameters, even for specimens with unidentified strength.
  • Semi-automatic tuning function - Easy to perform highly accurate stress-controlled, or strain-controlled measurement. The function also enables testing to ISO standard 6892-2009, accuracy strain-controlled testing, and JIS Z2241, metallic materials tensile testing.
  • Multi-level crosshead positioning structure - The upper crosshead position can be altered easily depending on the specimen length, ensuring that tests can be performed at a height suitable for the operator.
  • Broad safety features - A safety stopper prevents grip faces from contacting each other in case of an operating error, an optional safety cover for protection from specimen debris, and a grip face open and close switch, which only activates the grips while the switch is depressed.

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