Chemistry Education, Chemical Analysis and Quality Control - Fourier 300HD NMR Spectrometer

Bruker’s Fourier 300HD spectrometer is a proton carbon only, high resolution NMR suitable for all common applications in chemical analysis and chemistry education. It has all of the features essential for an organic chemist to perform routine NMR analysis, bundled into one convenient package.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the Fourier 300HD spectrometer:

  • 1D, 2D and multi-dimensional NMR
  • Selective excitation capability
  • Industry standard Topspin 3.5 with IconNMR
  • Dual 1H and 13C probe featuring automatic tuning and matching and Z-gradient
  • All shims are completely computer controlled with TopShim™

Available Options

The Fourier 300HD spectrometer also comes with the following options:

  • The 24 position SampleCase autosampler option, in combination with the standard ICON-NMR, TopShim, ATM, and remote access, converts the spectrometer into a simple, safe, and high throughput instrument under full automation
  • The availability of extended software library completes users’ samples to structure process with the structure elucidation program CMC-se and structure verification tool CMC-assist
  • VT control and VT-gas pre-cooling provides a VT range of 0°C to +150°C that improves the temperature stability at the sample
  • The option to upgrade to multi-nuclear capabilities is available at any time

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