OptiOx Optical Oxygen Measurement

Two portable devices and one sensor have been launched by Mettler Toledo as part of their range of dissolved oxygen measurement devices.

The new InLab® OptiOx sensor can be used to measure dissolved oxygen, and can be provided with three cable lengths: 5 m/16.40 ft, 1.8 m/5.91 ft, and 10 m/32.81 ft. Sensor measurements and maintenance are made much easier, because the sturdy design is integrated with the optical measuring principle, which is based on RDO® (Rugged Dissolved Oxygen) technology.

All of the OptiOx modules feature chips have factory calibration. Measurements can be performed immediately when the module is plugged in. The measuring system is also very stable, so regular calibration is not needed. The optical measuring standard used in the InLab® OptiOx ensures that oxygen in the sample is not chemically consumed during the measurement. This offers highly reproducible results, and ensures that the sample does not need to be stirred.

The optical measuring standard causes electrolyte solutions to be superfluous. A used module can be substituted with a new one by merely removing the former one and fitting a new one in its place, saving time in handling and maintenance. The robust design and matching accessories of the InLab® OptiOx make it suitable for several types of applications. It is configured for use in the lab as well as in harsh environments. The special OptiOx BOD adapter makes the sensor well suited for measurements in all universal BOD canisters. The steel OptiOx protective add-on provides the sensor with protection in harsh environments. It is lightweight, so it can be dropped to lower measuring points.

The SevenExcellence S900 benchtop instrument is a first-class benchtop solution designed to measure dissolved oxygen (DO) in aqueous media. The S900 meter, with the latest digital optical dissolved oxygen technology (OptiOx®), ensures accurate and highly reproducible results.

The two latest SevenGo (Duo) pro™ measuring devices are watertight to offer IP67 protection, therefore the user does not need to be concerned about dirt, dust, or moisture entering the devices.

The S9 is a sturdy single-channel device meant for measuring dissolved oxygen. The device provides remarkable reliability by combining simple user prompts based on well established and tested ISM® and text menus.

The professional SG98 multiparameter device can take care of the ion, main pH value, and dissolved oxygen parameters. Practical operations, such as automatic compressed air compensation and the wireless IR communication interface, minimize time and guarantee accurate results.


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