Ion Measurements Made Easy and Reliable with perfectION™

The ion-selective electrodes (ISE) range from Mettler Toledo has been improved and expanded with the perfectION™ line. The 11 premium-combined ISE guarantees high quality performance and easy handling. The new Click & Clear™ reference junction from perfectION™ ensures reliable results, irrespective of the sample type, and enables the determination of the ion species of interest, whether it is in an easy aqueous solution or in highly complex matrices like waste-water.

The new perfectION™ line includes all of solutions users require to measure ion concentration, and can handle ions such as silver/sulfide, chloride, cyanide, calcium, copper, iodide, potassium, fluoride, sodium, nitrate and lead. All sensors are provided with an attached cable and a LEMO plug to be connected to a Mettler Toledo titrator, or a BNC plug to connect to an ion meter.

The exceptional Click & Clear™ reference junction means a simple click on the cap will flush and clear the junction. The junction can be reset by releasing the cap. Even in viscous or dirty samples, this sleeve junction technology ensures consistent, drift-free readings.

For all sensors there are exclusive electrolytes in handy sized bottles, ionic strength adjustment solutions, and high accuracy ion calibration standards. Users are offered detailed user guides, and the application notes assist in them to set up the system and perform the analysis, even for highly challenging applications. Both SevenGo Duo pro™ and SevenExcellence™ are convenient to use.

Key Features

The main features of the perfectION™ are as follows:

  • Comprehensive testing solution
  • Covers 19 ion species and three gases
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy maintenance and long service life
  • Easy to use portable ion meters
  • Bench-top meters with 100% ion functionality
  • Click & Clear™ is the easiest and most reliable junction
  • Refilling or replacing the electrolyte is very easy
  • The next measurement can be started quickly
  • Ideal for use by anyone, and for nearly all applications

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