Multiparameter Quality Monitoring of Liquids

There are a number of parameters that have to be determined accurately when performing quality control of liquids in laboratories. This includes the determination of many values; to control quality, verify, identity, and achieve specifications such as refractive index, density, and pH of raw material, intermediate and finished products. In several cases, the samples color also has to be measured.

Each parameter has to be established on an individual instruments, which is often cumbersome because each instrument operates in a different manner. This may require users to undertake further training and study of manuals. The measurement results obtained will then have to be manually entered into the ERP system. The combination of all of these things will increase the time taken to perform the quality control.

Mettler Toledo has partnered with Konica Minolta to offer an exclusive automatic multi-parameter analysis system to monitor quality control of liquids. The multi-parameter system is capable of automating the processes, and it determines all of the parameters using just one process.

Mettler Toledo covers aspects such as density/specific gravity, pH, automation, refractive index, and software. Konica Minolta took care of the color aspect.

The sample changer is designed to read the barcode of the vials and run the related analysis, it then carries out effective cleaning cycles. After the analysis is complete, sample recovery allows the sample to be preserved in the vial as a reference.

Key Features

The main features of the Multiparameter Quality Monitoring System are as follows:

  • Saves about 70% labor time, as all four measurements can be performed automatically by pressing a single button or scanning a barcode.
  • Helps optimize efficiency and ensure high data quality
  • Operator-independent measurements guarantee maximum reproducibility
  • Saves labor costs
  • Increases throughput by 50%. All parameters are established at the same time in all of the instruments rather than performing one-at-a-time analysis. The SC30 sample changer can be loaded with a maximum of 30 samples. An integrated barcode reader identifies each sample and initiates the related analysis automatically.

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