NaniteAFM — AFM for large samples from Nanosurf

The NaniteAFM scan head has a small footprint, which makes the NaniteAFM the most appropriate atomic force microscope to integrate into automated industrial environments.

The NaniteAFM has a resolution of less than 1 nm. This resolution allows the microscope to identify and visualize surface structures that are extremely small in size. Product analysis is brought to a totally new level through a wide range of integration possibilities and simple handling of the device.

Users should check the irregularities and coatings of intended structures, or they should utilize additional AFM measurement modes to identify features that are not visible in topography.

The NaniteAFM is considered to be an ideal quality control tool, because of its easy usage and reproducibility. It is perfect for areas such as semiconductor fabrication, production process optimization, precision engineering, etc.

Key Features

The main features of the NaniteAFM include:

  • Automated batch measurements and scripting interface for system integration
  • Rapid and easy exchange and alignment of the cantilever helps to reduce downtime
  • Durable and compact atomic force microscope for large stage and stand alone operation


The NaniteAFM microscope has the following applications:

  • Quality control/product development
  • Large areas including stitching
  • Serial or automated measurements
  • Integration into different analysis systems

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