Stable 3D Measurements during Production with the IF-SensorR25

The IF-Sensor25 from Alicona is an optical 3D measurement sensor designed for automated measurement of profile and roughness during production. It is incorporated into a production area to provide repeatable, high resolution, and traceable results while measuring surface properties in the µm or sub-µm range. The use of tactile techniques or conventional 2D solutions fails to achieve this resolution.

In the field of EDM, the IF-SensorR25 can be directly implemented in a Makino machining center to carry out in-machine measurement. This ‘closed loop manufacturing’ production concept facilitates 3D measurement of components in the machine, resulting in better machining precision.

A new automation software (Automation Manager) allows the use of Alicona measurement systems also in production. They are fully operated without measurement know-how. The measurements are directly relayed to a production control system.

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Key Features

  • Uses Focus-Variation technology to provide high resolution results in research and production
  • Uses the same measurement process both in-line and in the lab
  • Allows automated profile and roughness measurement
  • Features standardized interfaces (QDAS) that support fast and easy integration into production, enabling comparable lab and in-line measurements
  • Assures quality in serial production
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials, including composite materials


Aliconas IF-Robot - Optical 3D Metrology

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