Measure Micro Structures on Large Components with the IF-Portable

The IF-Portable optical 3D measurement system from Alicona is used for profile and roughness measurement on larger components. It is typically utilized for quality assurance during production.

A revolving nose piece, integrated with the IF-Portable device, can modify objectives and increase the accuracy of measurement as each objective is calibrated in advance, thus reducing error-prone recalibration or readjustment processes. Also, options for easy automation of measurements improve production efficiency, usability, and process reliability. The Focus-Variation technology is included in the IF-Portable system (please do not write theIF-Portable system together) to enable area-based surface measurement.

The IF-Portable is easy to handle and can be utilized wherever it is required. It is suitable for measuring all related materials in production. This instrument is used for various applications including measurement of rotor or turbine blade, body type, and steel surfaces.

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Key Features

  • Simple and portable
  • Profile and roughness measurement
  • Measure steep flanks
  • Measure components with different surface finish
  • High measurement accuracy through automation
  • Focus-Variation technology

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