Cutting-Edge Measurement of Hob Cutters with the EdgeMasterHOB

The EdgeMasterHOB, an optical tool measurement system from Alicona, is an adaptation of the EdgeMaster optical cutting-edge measurement system. It is used for automated quality assurance during production.

This system effortlessly measures cutting edges in hard-to-access areas through the 33 mm working distance. Users can measure hob cutters at all stages of manufacture, irrespective of the coating or surface finish. They can also achieve traceable and repeatable measurements with high resolution.

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Being able to measure the edge radius of both, tooth tip and tooth flank over this broad range is, as far as I know, not possible with any other system.

The high resolution 3D measurements with the IF-EdgeMasterHOB enable us to offer tools with dimensional accuracy, optimized surface state and an equal geometry for increased process reliability.

Also, the system´s user friendliness and the independence from user influence are truly impressive.

Tobias Schulz -Head of quality Assurance,  LMT Werkzeugtechnologie

Key Features

  • Traceable, repeatable, and high resolution measurements
  • High speed measurements
  • Edge roundness at the tooth root, tooth tip and tooth flank
  • Radius and wedge angle
  • Positive and negative bevel
  • Edge geometry and contour through the fit of elliptic shapes into the edge area
  • Chipping and receive parameters including; total depth, volume and length to validate the edge quality of hob cutters
  • Chamfer and receive parameters including; chamfer width, width of edge break, different angles and other parameters that comply with ISO 1375 standards
  • Deviations to a reference geometry or CAD data file

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