OI Analytical’s 4100 Water/Soil Sample Processor automates sample handling and processing in 40 mL VOA vials to perform purge-and-trap analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as per the U.S. EPA methods.

The 4100 can be operated with single or dual Eclipse 4660 purge-and-trap instruments, and can efficiently process up to 100 drinking water, soil, or wastewater samples.

The 4100 features a sophisticated pneumatically-actuated cylindrical vial gripper that securely holds each vial by surrounding and conforming it.

The 40 mL VOA vials are transported to and from the sampling station by the VOA Constrictor™ mechanism with unparalleled consistency. OI Analytical now offers the new 4100 Water/Soil Sample Processor Interface Kits for Teledyne and EST Analytical purge and trap sample concentrators.

Key Features

The main features of the 4100 are given below:

  • Can be operated with one or two Eclipse 4660 purge-and-trap instruments
  • 100 samples can be held in two 50-position vial racks
  • Vial cooling option allows vials to be maintained at ≤10°C as per USEPA Method 524.3
  • VOA Constrictor™ vial gripper is equipped with built-in vial sensor
  • Programmed volume can be injected with no waste or excess, thanks to high-speed injection valves in Standard Addition Module
  • Standard Addition Module features two 3 mL reservoirs, but can be expanded to four 3 mL reservoirs

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