S2 PUMA - Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF)

Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) with the S2 PUMA provides everything needed to track and measure elements in samples, irrespective of the environment or industry where it is used. The superior power of the S2 PUMA LE is attributed to the different kinds of elements covered by the method, ranging from very lightweight elements such as C, to heavy elements such as U.

HighSense™ is integral to the unparalleled analytical performance of the S2 PUMA. The direct excitation beam path of the instrument ensures complete utilization of the 50 W power of the X-ray tube.

The improved excitation of every element in the sample is guaranteed with up to 50 kV voltage. The high-countrate, high resolution XFlash silicon drift detector (SDD) further improves the performance of the instrument and records sample spectra in HD mode.

Added to that, the distances between the sample, the X-ray tube, and the detector is even shorter than ever before, thanks to the all-new instrument X-ray optics. This leads to higher accuracy, improved detection limits, and shorter measurement times.

Key Features

The main features of S2 PUMA - EDXRF are listed below:

  • Direct-excitation, intimately coupled beam path
  • Unparalleled detection limits, speed, and accuracy in EDXRF by HighSense™ technology
  • X-ray tube with a limit of 50 W power and 50 kV excitation voltage
  • Optimal Light Element (LE) design with slim-window X-ray tube and XFlash X-ray detector
  • XFlash SDD with superior energy resolution


The applications of S2 PUMA - EDXRF are as follows:

  • Food, pharma, and cosmetics
  • Chemistry
  • Mining and minerals
  • Cement
  • R&D and materials research
  • Academia
  • Slags and metals

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