Advanced Long-path IR Gas Cells Analyzer for Pure Gases and Air contaminants

PIKE Technologies has launched an advanced long-path IR gas cells to analyze pure gases, air contaminants, and gas mixtures. The high-performance, fixed path cells span between 2.4 m and 20 m, and the variable model can be modified from 1 m to 16 m to span concentration ranges from ppm down to the ppb levels.

Diamond-turned, gold-coated mirrors are included in all cells to provide optimal reflectivity and the best possible energy throughput. Nickel or glass-coated aluminum bodies are provided, but other materials are also provided on special request.

PIKE gas cells are designed so that cleaning and maintenance become an easy and simple process. They can also be quickly re-assembled and disassembled without impacting the alignment of the optical parts. In the typical configuration, KBr windows are fitted into the gas cells, but other types of windows are also provided by PIKE Technologies.

Users can easily exchange the windows. For extra stability, PIKE gas cells are designed to mount firmly to the baseplate of an FTIR spectrometer. The cells include purgeable transfer optics to prevent any untoward atmospheric interference in the spectrum. For samples with water vapor greater than 1% and low boiling points, PIKE Technologies provides temperature-controlled configurations with heating up to 200°C.

Key Features

The main features of the long-path gas cells are as follows:

  • Long-path gas cells for determination of vapor species to ppb levels
  • Standard fully purgeable optics
  • Can be fitted with most FTIR spectrometers
  • Heated versions are available up to 200°C
  • Fixed and variable pathlength versions are also available

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